[Arm-netbook] I've got my MeLe A2000 as well :)

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Wed May 9 21:46:20 BST 2012

ons 2012-05-09 klockan 19:15 +0200 skrev Jaroslaw Niec:

> I would like to start some development/testing in the near future to
> learn something and maybe help community a little.


> Do we have any summary what is working right now for kernels
> 2.6.36/3.0/3.3 and what needs more attention?

2.6.36 mostly works, except for framebuffer console.

3.0 have most drivers forward-ported and should work pretty well.

3.3 only have core CPU support, basically no drivers at all yet.


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