[Arm-netbook] marketing materials rfc

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Tue May 1 13:51:07 BST 2012

tis 2012-05-01 klockan 11:21 +0100 skrev lkcl luke:
> ok the 33k version (which isn't compressed so i had to approve it)
> right, ok, so i could have gunzip'd the other one and got at the XML
> layout :)  ok, yes, could we start with the warm words first?

A quick text scan of the document, minus layout and some headings that
only confuses in text-only format.

TTM - Time to market lead
Open versatile COM platform

Three ways EOMA helps to bring new products to market faster and save

EOMA - From month to weeks TTM reduction


        One platform
        Vanilla GNU/LINUX
        Software comes
        pre flashed as
        One module
        many applications
        Instant upstream
        compatibility with
        Linux GIT tree

        Need for software
        expertise is removed
        from OEM side
        BOM reduction X 5
        Access to bigger
        market platform
        Readapting the design
        is as easy as changing
        one module
System Intergrators

        Quick access
        to many ODM
        Plug and play
        LOW TTM
        and high flexibility
        Update process
        is made trivial


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